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ReallyBeU was built on the belief that all people should have access to community, safety, belonging, and opportunity. Relationships have the power to harm, but they also have the potential to heal. All people – when given adequate tools and support – can make a positive change toward living a life they love! ReallyBeU is available to help individuals, families, and organizations accomplish their dreams and goals.

Every day is a new day. Every person deserves as many chances and as much support as they need to build the life they want and deserve.

Dr. Aron Steward

Dr. Aron Steward, ReallyBeU owner and founder

Dr. Aron Steward, founder and owner of ReallyBeU

Initially, I thought health consulting would involve helping people eat more vegetables and exercise more routinely. This idea was simplistic, privileged, and naive. I have found after consulting with so many individuals, families, and organizations over the years – the secret to happiness and wellness is not in how much broccoli you eat or how many stairs you climb. Yes, those tools do help some achieve aspects of health. But the keys to unlocking the blessings of life are connection, belonging, self-esteem/self-regard, community, resiliency, and freedom. 

” I want to ensure that each person, family and system has the opportunity to choose the life they live. To do this, we must work on dismantling harmful and oppressive systems that keep our problems in place. This is hard work, and I want to be with you for it.

This month Dr. Steward is…

The leaves have started to change in Dr. Steward’s world, literally and figuratively. The air at night is becoming ever more crisp and chilly. The stars air brighter and it is time to shop for winter clothes to fit the little bodies that grew over the year. Fall is my most favorite time of year and usually feels productive and energetic. This year, because of a long hard year, Dr. Steward is applying all of the coping skills and strategies for increasing motivation and staying engaged in the world and work. Most especially taking extra care to nourish with healthy sights, sounds, touch, smell, and taste. Paying special attention to the types of interactions and relationships that are chosen, knowing well that many of the interactions and relationships are chosen and driven by the work. When work is the majority of interactions with people, we have to place extra and intentional emphasis on nourishing ourselves with love, safety, and belonging in non-professional relationships.

Dr. Steward is helping people deal with the disappointments around them through choosing the most supportive relationships, so this month there will be a blog on coping with disappointment and finding a trusted person to share with. Both of these skills help us navigate bumpy roads and choppy waters toward the other side. Rest assured, while you all are working on those important experiments, Dr. Steward is working right alongside of you!