Energy is everything when we are attempting to create a life we love. The energy that we need is required so that we can meet our full potential. One hard and meaningful choice at a time. Energy is our opportunity to ensure we are not consumed by stress and tension, as fatigue is actually the indicator of depletion, not the quality/quantity of stressful life events.

When our tank is empty, sometimes the most challenging aspect of that experience is not having enough energy to figure out how to fill ourselves up. At that moment, we know all of the ways society has told us to replenish ourselves (exercise, eating healthy, getting sleep, hobbies, vacation etc). We know these but when we are depleted, it is often difficult to find the energy to reset, reboot, and rejuvenate.

There are two things to consider regarding this human experience of energy levels which are expected to fluctuate. First, we have to do everything we can to prevent complete depletion. This is the experience of us feeling bone tired all of the time, drained, feeling nothing, being numb, no passion or engagement, and nothing left to give others. Arriving at this spot, where we have no reserves in our tank, is resolvable, however the experience feels miserable and takes an immense amount of time and work to improve. 

The second thing to consider is the best time to create a maintenance and response plan is, when we have energy. Let me say that again (my clients often tell me this piece is nonsensical). 

Maintaining energy is such an important element of health & wellness. As humans, it is far easier to increase energy or sustain energy levels than create energy from a depleted state. 

This is the hardest part for my clients (and me for a long time) to understand. For the human brain and body, it is less than ideal to wait until we feel tired, under-motivated, and disengaged to react and respond. We need to be thinking ahead, knowing as humans that energy depletion, especially right now in our present world, is a part of living. We have to plan ahead, see it coming and be prepared with our own individualized and unique plan of prevention and response. Creating that plan is an entire topic in and of itself, stay tuned.

Remember, fatigue can be compiled slowly over time and can also be an immediate and direct response to an experience or situation. We have to know what triggers us, what fatigues us, what we look like when we are depleted, and when for ourselves, is the right time to engage our plan. Monitoring and moderating our energy level is the best and most powerful way to live a full and pleasurable life.  

How to create a maintenance and response plan: 

  1. First and foremost, know what you look like when you are energetic and when you are not and everything in between. You need a barometer first.
  2. When you are next energized, spend the time creating your plan for when you are next fatigued.  This needs to be an honest reflection of who you are and what most moves you and feeds you nourishment.
  3. Recognize in this planning stage that nourishment is not just what you put in your body, it is what you hear, see, feel, and smell.
  4. Practice implementing your energy plan when you START to feel fatigued, when the numbers are low on your barometer.
  5. Listen to feedback about yourself and your energy from others as data not facts.  

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