ReallyBeU and

Dr. Aron Steward

Resiliency, Performance,

Freedom, Community

My Specialties

Exploitation/Trauma • Vicarious Trauma • Leadership • Resiliency • Productivity


I will be by your side to motivate you and focus you on your goals toward resiliency, productivity, wellbeing, and recovery. Together, we will work on building a network of support and connection towards maintenance and sustainability.


In the areas of the ReallyBeU specialty, I will evaluate the requested work through a contracting process and engage with individuals and systems to support improvement and change.


I maintain a diminutive caseload of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, vicarious trauma or traumatized individuals, couples or families for private practice. My model of treatment is informed by the latest research on trauma and the brain.


If there is a family or system in need of mediating a conflict, I have been described as being “able to find the middle where there are no sides. Mediation can be challenging, but my experience brings rapid and fair resolution.


Workshops, webinars, keynote addresses, and conferences focusing on the specialties of ReallyBeU are available. I am a motivational and inspirational speaker with insight and knowledge on systemic challenges from working inside prisons, hospitals, law enforcement partnerships, and courts. I speak to all different audiences about cultural change and improvement.


Being a strong and effective leader is not always intuitive. Sometimes leaders and organizations need support within their ranks and to build effective leadership skills. I have been sought after for my leadership coaching and will support the individuals or organizational initiatives to build a strong work product with integrity and dedication.

Program Development

and Implementation

I accept requests through contractual agreement to design and build programs that support services for victims and survivors of trauma, both acute and complex. I will be there every step of the way.

A peek into the unmentioned

Numbers On The Mind and Body


of adults have received mental health treatment

17.3 million

are affected by major depressive disorder


of adults live with a mental illness

18 – 25 yrs

highest prevalence of mental illness

24.9 million

victims of human trafficking worldwide at any given time. Preying on adults and children, with any backgrounds, and nationalities

40% – 85%

of “helping professionals” develop vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and/or traumatic symptoms

Rating: 5 out of 5.

” Listened to our voices”

Dr. Steward really listened to our voices as employees.  When she completed her consultation report to improve resiliency and occupational wellness, I could see our perspective.  Even though she kept us anonymous, she incorporated what we needed.  Dr. Steward understands the experience of being a front line employee and can speak the language of management.

Frontline Employee

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I feel like I have the tools to change”

Dr. Steward was the most entertaining and engaging speaker I have heard in my entire 27 years working for County government.  She comes with enthusiasm, humor, and approachability to a topic that is hard to talk about, our own wellbeing and mental health.  I have been feeling so tired, and after attending the Resiliency training, I feel like I have the tools to change my experience.

Workshop Participant

Rating: 5 out of 5.

” Made us feel calm and focused”

Although Dr. Steward met our family in our darkest moment, after our teenage daughter had been trafficked, she made us feel calm and focused.  Dr. Steward is the state expert and it shows.  She was not shocked by the details, which crushed me as a mother.  She validated our fears and concerns but kept us focused on the healing of our daughter.  Dr. Steward gave us the tools for our daughter to heal from the worst experience a family could imagine.

Mother of Client

In the News

That Numbness You’re Feeling is Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is no longer just a first-responder problem

I first learned about compassion fatigue on a police department ride-along. I was researching a book about crime scene investigation, and one of the investigators was collecting blood samples in the rain after a shooting. Even soaked and working in the dark, she said the job was easier than her previous one. Prior to becoming a crime scene investigator, she had worked as a police dispatcher, fielding calls for help that came into the department.

Trauma-Informed Care and the Future of Wellness

Explaining the importance of trauma-informed care to the future of children’s health, and the health of our society.

From 2015-2019, she managed the Juvenile Detention center for the state of Vermont. She spends a lot of time in the inpatient psychiatric unit, and specializes in the reduction of high-level interventions, such as seclusion of inpatients. Eloquent, energized, and passionate, she describes her complex work in simple terms: “I’m always focused on trying to reduce violence wherever I am,” she explains.

The Healing Power of Nature

A Vermont psychologist with expertise in violence prevention, health & wellness and alternative therapies – was the guest speaker at SLT’s 32nd Annual Meeting and Celebration held on September 22, 2019. Her remarks about the ability of nature to heal and inspire based on her time working with youth at Vermont’s Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center were exceptional and struck a powerful chord with those in attendance. Dr. Steward generously agreed for us to post her remarks here for everyone to read…

Pandemic Fatigue: Why Am I Feeling This Way?

Daniel Mitchell, PhD | Aron Steward, PhD

If your levels of stress and anxiety have increased during the pandemic, you’re far from being alone. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a majority of Americans say their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the Coronavirus. And as we face a long winter during which the virus will remain a major factor in our lives, this trend is sure to continue. So on today’s program, we’re going to hear from two experts..about recognizing signs of stress and anxiety due to COVID-19 and what you can do about it.